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As President of Prestige Career College, I provide guidance derived from over 30 years’ experience in vocational training for adults.  This training was not only in California, but also in Florida, Georgia, New York, and the D.C. area, and encompassed training students who paid for the programs with funds from various sources, such as workers’ compensation voucher, EDD, WIOA, JTPA, ETP, US Department of Education, Veteran’s Administration, and corporate sponsoring, as well as self-pay.

Throughout the years, I have witnessed industry changes which included government regulation of this industry (e.g. graduate outcome requirements specific to the type of vocational training). However, I firmly believe, what remains essential for your client to succeed in a vocational training program is quality education by qualified trainers and respectful, efficient attention to the needs of the adult learner.



Ali Bayrami

School Director

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Rick Prieto

Director of Admissions

Bessie Valmores

Bessie Valmores

Director of Compliance/Program Coordinator

Pete Limon

Dr. Pete Limon

Chief Information Security Officer

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"College Isn't the Destination, it is the Stepping Stone."

-Daniel Bianchi Golod