Diagnostic Medical Sonography

4:31 pm


2180 clock hours SOC: 29-2032.00 


This Diagnostic Medical Sonography is 2180 clock hours training consisting of sonography seven (7) sonography courses and two (2) specialty courses with 960 hours of clinical externships in an approved medical facility. The program is hybrid where classroom theory hours are taught in both synchronous and asynchronous learning and skills are taught by direct instruction onsite. 

This diploma program is designed to train students in the field of sonography in producing two-dimensional ultrasonic recordings of internal organs using ultrasound equipment for use by physicians in diagnosing diseases and malfunctions of organs. 


After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to perform the following: 

  1. Demonstrate proficient knowledge of medical terminology including human anatomy and physiology. 
  1. Apply HIPAA rules in regard to privacy and patient information. 
  1. Apply knowledge of local, federal, and state health care legislation such as proper documentation and reporting. 
  1. Manage the clinical facility, equipment and inventory. 
  1. Competently perform as an entry level sonographer in the learning domains for sonography and abdominal, OB-Gyne vascular sonography. 
  1. Demonstrate skills in patient care and patient services. 
  1. Clean and maintain imaging equipment to ensure they are working properly. 
  1. Take ultrasounds images. 
  1. Take notes, observe and record sonographic findings in patient records. 
  1. Demonstrate professional conduct regarding ethical behavior within the scope of practice of a sonographer. 


Course CodeCourse TitleTotal Clock Hours
DMS 101 Introduction to Sonography with Basic Math 80 
DSM 102 Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology 160 
DMS 103 Medical Ethics and Patient Care 80 
DMS 104 Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation 160 
DMS 105 Abdomen and Small Parts 240 
DMS 106 OB & Gynecology Ultrasound 240 
DMS 107 Vascular Ultrasound 240 
DMS 109 Career Development 20 
DMS 110 Clinical Externship 960