Systems Administrator

4:45 pm

1200 clock hours         SOC: 15-1242.00


The Systems Administrator program is an Associate of Arts  degree designed to teach students about hardware assembly, operating systems installation, user management, back-up methodologies, registries and system files and security, hardware, planning, installation, resource management, command control, domains, file and sharing, system visualization, planning and records management. Students are provided with general education courses.

The AA Systems Administrator is 1200 clock hours training in fully online format. Classroom theory hours are taught in both synchronous and asynchronous learning  with simulated labs. Students completing the course will be awarded an Associate degree.


After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Apply the principles and practice of system administration.
  2. Perform the installation of Windows and configure the server environment.
  3. Perform planning, installing and troubleshooting a Local Area Network, connecting it to a Wide Area Network.
  4. Perform user accounts management and implement security groups.
  5. Configure management of data storage.
  6. Perform configuration, management, and troubleshooting of folders, files and printing resources.
  7. Maintain a collection of devices using remote management tools in both centralized locations and across de- centralized organizations.
  8. Produce written documentation of system problems, solutions, processes, and procedures.
  9. Create programs and demonstrate facility in programs and tools that automate system administration tasks.
  10. Perform network services installation and management.
  11. Produce written documentation of system problems, solutions, processes, and procedures.
  12. Create and demonstrate facility programs and tools that automate system administration tasks.
  13. Demonstrate proficiency in IT language.
  14. Demonstrate effective communication, professional behavior and proper customer service.


Course CodeCourse TitleTotal Clock Hours
PCS100System Administration Technical Foundations75
PCS120Principles of Computer Hardware & Operating Systems75
PCS130Principles of Network Fundamentals75
PCS140Principles of Cyber Security75
PCS150Fundamentals of Linux/Unix75
PCS155Server Linux System Administration75
PCS175Microsoft Azure Fundamentals75
PCS220Amazon Web Services75
PCS230Structured Query Language Fundamentals75
PCS235Microsoft PowerShell75
PCS200Python Scripting75
PCS200Principle of Kali Linux75
COM101Technical Writing60
COM102IT English Composition60
MAT101Mathematics for Information Technology60
LMT101Mentoring and Leadership in the technology workplace60
CPU1101Basic Word Processing and Spreadsheets60